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Father’s Day is nearly upon us, and we know everyone’s on the quest to find that special gift for dad. Finding a present that represents all the meaning, love, appreciation plus celebration the day can bring, to commemorate the important men in our lives is no easy task. So, at The Wine Queen Emporium we are here to help, we’ve put together our favourite 10 gift ideas for the Wine Aficionado Dads. From gift hampers to wine accessories, we offer some amazing gifts that are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face this Father’s Day. 

1. Large Copper & Marble Ice Bucket

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This is a stand-out marble and copper ice bucket! Two beautiful marble handles give this stylish bucket the finishing touch. Elegant and ready to be used with your dad’s favourite beverage chilled.

2. The Gentleman’s Luxury Gifting Hamper

Hamper - The Wine queen emporium

Our Kangaroo Valley Honey Coated Popcorn and Ogilvie & Co Rum & Brandy Cake is the perfect selection paired with a 12-year-old aged Glenfiddich Whiskey!

A great gift for the gentleman in your life.

3. Leather and Brass Cocktail Kit

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Our bespoke cocktail set with wrapped leather handles is sure to impress, and the only thing they’ll be wondering is what to make first. Our perfect mixology set is the perfect gift all wrapped up with one of our Australian botanicals.

Boxed presentation designer box.

4. The Relexation Indulgence Hamper

Hamper - The Wine queen emporium

Spoil your special someone with this ‘Gorgeous Hamper’ to nurture and nourish. Filled with all you would expect from our Mews range collection, PLUMM glassware, Ernest Hillier Scorched Almonds and so much more. Your Gift recipient will feel pampered and rejuvenated.

5. PLUMM Vintage White Set of 2

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A white wine glass should be designed to enhance the characteristics and components of the white wine style. Aromatic white wines require a small bowl to help capture the aromas, whilst Oaked Chardonnay and aged white wines require a medium size bowl to enhance the complexity of the wines. These are a refined quality glass. The Connoisseur in him.

6. Gone with The Gin Hamper

Hamper - The Wine queen emporium

A Hollywood Classic, ‘Gone with The Gin Hamper, certainly inspired from that time period.

Elegant and understated this delightful hamper has a luxurious time-less look and feel. Copper Martini Ball Glasses Boxed with our Adelaide Producer Product, 78 Gin. With many sweet gourmets treats from Ogilvie & Co, Rum and Brandy Cake, one being so delicious paired with a dry orange and Gin Martini! Many recipes to choose from in the ‘Gone with the Gin’ Recipe Gin Book which is included.

7. Copper Mixology Box Set

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Look no further than this luxury Mixology set to enhance your cocktail skills or give the perfect gift to the true connoisseur!

Our copper mixology set, contains a 500ml mixing beaker and copper stirrer and strainer.  Stir and serve your cocktails in style.

8. The Expedition Regional Wine ' Black Cockatoo' Hamper

Hamper - The Wine queen emporium

Experience some of the best gourmet flavours in Australia with our Epicurean and Wine Hampers, an excellent gift choice for that special gift for Father’s Day. It’s the ultimate gift for the gourmet food lover in your life. 

9. The Premier Centellino Decanter Box-Aerator 125ml in Gift Set Gorgeous Grenache 2020

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The Premier!

Made for Australian standards, its Italy’s premier, by the glass, wine aerator/decanter is patented, and lab certified.

The Centellino is an original 100% mouth-blown Italian glass, top-of-the-bottle wine decanter (aerator). It is designed to enrich the bouquet and flavour of a single glass of wine. Hand made in Tuscany, Italy. Beautifully presented in a navy blue and silver gift box with our Thistledown Gorgeous Grenache 2020, Adelaide Hills Australia.

A gift which will impress.

10. Choc Fudge Vino Class Box

Hamper - The Wine queen emporium

Pairing Cococino EXQUISITE Fudge with a fine wine is a perfect sensory experience.

Individually, the fudge and wine deliver superb flavours. Paired together, the flavours are elevated, intensifying the taste experience. A great past time of fun times together.

A gift which will impress.

If you are still in doubt, why not a custom wine label? Personalised and extremely thoughtful. You even have options to include our Australian Gourmet Treats. Choose your Father’s Day label, then wine variety ,upload your photo and personalised message at checkout. 

There are plain options as well. Enjoy!

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Pairing All Things Chocolate & Wine

Nutty Fudge Vino - The Wine queen emporium

If you’ve tried wine and chocolate together, odds are you’ve had a pairing that wasn’t so successful. Wine and chocolate sound like a great idea because both have intense, fruity notes and both are sweet. Unfortunately, this can be too much of a good thing where the pairing doesn’t resonate on the palate because of the similarities. For this reason, you will want to look for wine and chocolate pairings that play up the differences between the two treats.

Polyphenols in wine and chocolate also affect the pairing. Scientifically, polyphenols are the components within wine and chocolate that make them beneficial — anti-inflammatory, for instance. Yet polyphenols are responsible for giving dark chocolates their bitter notes and for giving wines their tannic notes. If you pair a dry wine with a bittersweet chocolate, the experience won’t be pleasurable due to an overload of polyphenols.

Start with the lightest in both wines and chocolates and work your way toward more intense pairings. By starting light and working your way dark, you will be able to taste the subtler notes at play. If you began with a dark chocolate and then tried white or milk, you’d miss out on a lot of the flavours.

While a general rule of success is to pair sweeter wines with chocolates — everything from ice wines to fortified wines such as sherry or port — these wines can be syrupy.

So, the guide as it may be is, the best wine pairings for balanced milk chocolates are sweet whites or mild reds. Think light Pinot Noirs or Merlots on the red side, or sweet Rieslings and Muscats, along with dessert whites. Avoid anything that’s too heavy when pairing a red wine with milk chocolate, as the wine will overpower the chocolate.

Sparkling wine works for milk chocolate, too, especially those varieties that have fruity flavours. For nutty milk chocolates, port is a natural pairing.

If you a fancy more of the dark Chocolate sensory experience then Cabernet Sauvignon is another red to consider, or if you prefer New World wines pick up a Shiraz. Cabernet with their berry flavours, often work well with chocolate, and they are high in tannins without being too bitter.

Lighter dark chocolates, such as those with around 55 percent cocoa, pair well with Merlots and Pinot Noirs. If you’ve tried these wines with milk chocolate, look for a fuller bodies, more tannic Pinot or Merlot to pair with your dark chocolate to keep things exciting for the palate. If this is your final pairing of the night, conclude with a nice port. Why not?

Remember there are no rules, this is an indulgence sensory experience. Just go with it. Enjoy our Paired Duo Collections.

The Wine Queen Emporium

Dogs Refuge Home Shenton Park

Dogs Refuge Home - The Wine queen emporium

As part of our commitment to having a positive impact on the animal and wildlife community, we are pleased to announce that the Wine Queen Emporium is an official sponsor of the Dog’s Refuge Home located in Shenton Park Perth Western Australia.

The Dog’s Refuge Home is a non for -profit organization that is dedicated to the care and re-homing of lost and unwanted dogs through treating the dogs in care as there own until they can find them a permanent loving home and advocating the active promotion of responsible dog ownership.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home was opened in October 1935. It is one of the oldest animal welfare organisation’s in Australia. More than 80 years on, the Home is still saving more than 1000 dogs in need every year. It has become an integral part of the Western Australian community.

We chose to partner with the Dog’s Refuge Home  because all dogs are entitled to the same love and respect that they unconditionally give us and in some cases require assistance to live a happy fulfilled life in a forever home. The team at the Dog’s Refuge Home provide this service as volunteers and are selfless, showcasing integrity, work and advocacy in rehoming rescued dogs.

A portion of our sales will go directly to The Dog’s Refuge Home to support much needed vet treatments and resources.

Your purchase matters.

“Rescue Is The Best Breed”

The Wine Queen


Founder / Director